Ewan Taylor: Psychedelic Paper Collage

King Jellyfish
Dreaming and Falling

I’ve been making collages on and off for over 20 years. The materials come from any magazines that I’m given or find. Friends and neighbours keep magazines for me. I don’t use a computer at any point in the process. Works are inspired by the images I’ve collected. If you have any spare colour magazines, please get in touch. There’s no underlying philosophy. I want the pictures to be interesting and beautiful.

New Pictures 2016 | Victoria Bar Exhibition, February and March 2014 | New gallery: 4 | Zoology display sculptures, January 2013

Prints | New gallery: 3 | 3Dot Gallery Exhibition, Sky Bar, August 2012

Exhibition at McNaughtan’s Gallery and Bookshop, August 2011 | Such stuff as dreams are made on (exhibition review)